Are you looking to give your lips volume that they no longer have? Are you tired of overlining your lips to help them appear more full? If you live near Tyler, Texas, then it may be a great idea for you to consider receiving Juvederm Ultra at Identity Med Spa and Salon!

Juvederm Ultra Tyler, TexasWhat is Juvederm Ultra?

While there are a variety of different Juvederm products, there is only one which may be able to give a bigger addition to your lips. Juvederm Ultra is an injectable dermal filler which is most commonly used to help restore or add volume to the lips and help make vertical lip lines appear more subtle.

How does it work?

Juvederm Ultra works by using hyaluronic acid to fill in creases, folds, and restore or add volume. In addition, it helps that Juvederm Ultra contains lidocaine in order to hopefully ease any discomfort that you may have. In addition, the particles found within this injectable are smaller than in other injectables in hopes of creating the most natural results.

What can we expect during the treatment?

To start, the treatment site is assessed during your consultation. Once the most optimal areas are determined in hopes of reaching the results you are looking for, the area is cleansed prior to the administration of the injectable. Then, the injectable is administered in multiple areas. The area is then cleansed and massaged in order to evenly distribute the product.

Juvederm Ultra Tyler, TexasAre there any side effects?

There are a few side effects that may follow after receiving Juvederm Ultra. Some of them may include but are not limited to tenderness, redness, swelling, discomfort, bruising or firmness may occur. If you are concerned with any of the side effects that you may be experiencing, feel free to contact us so that we may be able to possibly ease your concerns.

How long would it take to see results? How long do they last?

You may see results fairly soon after receiving Juvederm Ultra. In addition, these results may even last up to about one year!

Am I a good candidate for this injectable?

You may be a good candidate for receiving this injectable if you are looking to add volume or reduce vertical lines. On the other hand, you may not be a good candidate for this injectable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffer from excessive scarring on the treatment area, taking any medication which may prolong bleeding, if you have a weakened immune system, or if you have any planned or recent cosmetic treatments.

Is Juvederm Ultra safe?

Yes! Juvederm Ultra was approved by the FDA in October of 2015.


If you would like to add volume to your lips, then it may be a great idea for you to schedule a consultation and consider receiving Juvederm Ultra at Identity Med Spa and Salon! Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!

*Results may vary*

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