Landmark Aesthetics in Jacksonville and Identity Med Spa & Salon in Tyler

We are now affiliated with each other and bring more services and products to our  valued clients. Identity offers nail and hair services not available at Landmark, while Landmark offers more aggressive laser treatments and hair restoration services like PRP and transplant. We will also continue to both offer treatments for body contouring and cellulite reduction, which includes various radio frequency devices CoolSculpting, TightSculpting laser and CelluliTX by Jan Marini. Come share the excitement as we build the best spa experience in East Texas. Current package deals include hair restoration and rejuvenation services:

4D Facial Rejuvenation and Facial/Hydrafacial $2000

This includes a facial or Hydrafacial at Identity before and after 3 treatment sessions with the Fotona laser. The laser stimulates collagen and dermal thickening at 4 different skin depths. This is done every 2 to 3 weeks to get the benefit of  additive tissue stimulation in frequent intervals.

EyeLase and Facial/PRFM $2000

This includes 3 Erbium laser treatments to stimulate collagen tightening in the lower eyelids reducing or eliminating bags under the eyes, a non-surgical blepharoplasty. Also two facials are included for further stimulation or optional PRFM for a filler and rejuvenating effect with your own platelets.

PRFM Hair Restoration $320 per treatment

Also Identity Med Spa will now offer PRFM (Plasma Rich Fibrin Matrix, better PRP) for  hair restoration on scheduled days when Dr. Baber or a nurse is available for the procedure. Consultations will also be available with Dr. Baber and the full array of service options.

Nail Repair $400

Identity pedicure before treatment with laser for onychomycosis (toe nail fungus). It takes 12 months for the toenails to grow out so there will be a period of 8 months of treatment and two pedicures.

Cellulite Treatment

Combining CelluliTX with radio frequency and massage or subcision of areas of bad cellulite can get your legs summer ready. The package is variable depending on the area treated.

Bio Identical Hormones

Dr. Baber will assess your hormone needs if you are interested in Bio Identical compounded hormone replacement. Hormones at just the right level based on your individual needs can improve your over all health, cognitive function as well as your appearance. The levels can be tested on saliva that you take at home and mailed to a lab.


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