Are you looking for a solution to relax? Are you tired of feeling stressed? If you live near Tyler, Texas, then it may be a great idea for you to consider one of the spa packages that we offer here at Identity Med Spa and Salon!

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What spa packages do you offer?

We offer a variety of spa packages that may be best suited to you, whether you are a hard worker who is looking to unwind for a few hours or whether you are expectant mother waiting for her little bundle of joy to arrive. In addition, some of these are very inclusive which may allow for you to be pleasantly relaxed and pampered.

Ultimate Getaway                                          $400 

This is the package to choose if you are looking to feel more relaxed than you may have thought possible. The features included in this package include an exfoliating body scrub to help your body feel soft. An aromatherapy massage to be soothed with smells as your entire body relaxes while helping pressure points undo any built up stress. A spa manicure and pedicure to help your hands and feet feel invigorated, and a spa lunch to help you feel ultimately relaxed without an empty stomach.

Relaxation Bliss                                          $325 

This package may be used if you are looking to relax for the day. The exfoliating body scrub may help your body feel smooth once again by helping you shed away the loose and dry skin. The Swedish massage goes down to the muscles in hopes of undoing any of the “knots” that you may have which make it hard to move and helping you stretch with ease. The ultimate facial may help your pores feel free and your face feel fresh. With a traditional manicure and pedicure, your nails can be cleaned of any dirt and grime they may have, and the spa lunch keeps your stomach at bay.

Detox and Dazzled                                        $230 

Are you looking to help your body detox and relax? Then it may be a great idea for you to consider this package! With the use of the exfoliating body scrub, your body may begin to feel smooth again by getting rid of any excess and undesired skin. The Swedish massage may help by releasing any tensions that may make it difficult or painful for you to move a certain way. Lastly, a facial may be applied to release stubborn and undesired dirt to hopefully help your face clear up.

Soothing Sensations                                    $200 

This package includes calming aromatherapy in combination with soothing and relaxing massage to help you momentarily forget about stressful situations. In addition, a facial may help in cleansing and diminishing pores to possibly give a more youthful and invigorated appearance to your skin. Lastly, a pedicure may help your feet feel smooth and your toes feel spectacular.

Mommy-To-Be                                               $180 

Are you going to be a new mother? Are you excited to welcome your little bundle of joy into the world? Then the mommy-to-be spa package may be a great idea for you! The prenatal massage may be a great idea for both you and baby to relax and feel at ease. In addition, a facial may be great for you to cleanse your skin and tighten your pores during a time which may be exciting but full of worry.

Rejuvenation                                                   $150 

Are you looking for a simple way to relax? Then the Rejuvenation package may be a great solution for you! With two simple components, you may leave feeling better than when you walked in. The use of a Swedish massage releases the stress held in your body which affects your day-to-day life. In addition, the facial opens, cleanses, and tightens your pores, allowing for your face to feel fresh and clean.


Massage packages tylerWhich package is right for me?

If you aren’t sure which of our amazing packages is right for you, feel free to contact us through a phone call or stopping by. With our help, you may be able to choose the best package to help you unwind and feel your best!


If you are interested in one of the spa packages that we offer, it may be a great idea for you to stop by and learn more about which one is best for you to help you relax and feel yourself again. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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